Veronica Coombes

I am sixteen years old and unlike most para-athletes, I have always been in a wheelchair. I was born with Spina Bifida in Saint John but currently reside in Shediac Cape, N.B. I live at home with my four siblings. My family has been a great support along this journey I am on. Before I started this journey I remember watching my siblings play their sports, to be honest I felt envious. I saw them set goals, work hard and excel at what they were involved in. I wanted that for myself.  When I was eleven, one of the mothers of the children on my brother’s track team told me of this new program that was beginning, para track and field. I went to the first practice and I was hooked. I have since tried other sports; basketball, sledge and horseback riding but track is where my heart and focus are. I enjoy the confidence and independence sport has given me. It is not even about winning races – but that is awesome. It is about the difference in myself by pushing myself to new levels, working hard for something and accomplishing my personal goals.
Past Performances & Goals
I have been competing for the last five years, mostly in regional track meets in N.B. , N.S. & PQ. In that time I have also been to the Canada Games twice. The first can be chalked up as being able to experience what it was like to represent N.B. for the first time. In the second, in 2013,  I performed much better. I received three silver medals, the most awarded to someone from N.B. in the history of the Canadian Games. I also competed at the Nationals when it was held in Moncton ( 2013 ). I received one silver and bronze medal. 2013 has been my best performance year thus far; I received N.B. Para- Athlete of the year for all my hard work. These experiences inspired me to dream bigger, to eventually represent Canada in the Para-Olympic Games.
My events are 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, and 1500m. I personally enjoy the 200m & 1500m the most; I feel I perform the best in these.
 Discipline                   P.B.                    Goals  2015                   Competitions  2015
100m                         20.63                       19.5                                   Swiss Series             May
200m                         37.74                       35.5                                   Nationals                  June
400m                        1.13.13                    1.10.00                             Regional meets
800m                        2.43.41                    2.39.00
1500m                     4.41.76                    4.35.00
As with most things in life most things are not accomplished alone. Competing is expensive, with having to pay for training camps, travelling and all the other expenses to get you to perform at your best. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my sponsor EMBRACOR  Medical & Group West Co. for helping me to reach my goals and dreams.